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 Core Division I
 Core Division II
 Core Division III
[Core Division I] Development of Bio-MEMS and Structure Technology

Research Goal
  • Develop the platform for HbA1C analysis based on the separation of human body fluids, real-time high-sensitive sensor using bio-MEMS technology, nano technology and optical technology.

Core Technologies
  • Ultra High Speed Active Micro Mixer

  • - Development of preprocessing stage for selective cell lysis
    - PGE which has ion-selective membrane
    - Generation of the high speed mixing effect in the micro channel by external AC potential

[Ultra High Speed Micro Mixer Using PGE]

  • Development of Technology for Separating Blood Corpuscle

  • - Verification of blood cell separating mechanism from whole blood
    - Separation of blood corpuscle using membrane filtering
    - Nanofluidic membrane / hemodialysis membrane
    - Efficient separation of blood corpuscle and plasma

[Schematic for Separating Blood Corpuscle Technology]

  • Development of Electric Cell Counter

  • - System reliability through the efficiency comparing with clinical FACS
    - Hct. development of the detector technology

[Analysis Blood Corpuscle for Electric Cell Counter]

  • Development of Micro FACS

  • - Development of Hb absorbance
    - Development of HbA1C fluorescence detection

[Micro FACS Device]

  • Bio MEMS Platform Development for the Analysis HbA1C

  • - Development of cognition HbA1C
    - Development of high-performance mixing technology
    - Development of surface coating technology for preventing coagulation

Research Outcomes
  • Ultra high speed active micro mixer
  • Micro FACS
  • Bio MEMS platform development for the analysis HbA1C
  • MEMS module for east-west neo medicinal u-lifecare
  • HbA1C platform