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[About u-LCRC]

ubiquitous-Lifecare Research Center (u-LCRC), established in 2006 with a funding from Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea, is a unique Information Technology Research Center dedicated to developing human lifecare technologies based on the principles of east-west neo medicine. The center is an interdisciplinarily organized research unit for technology development and education which is located at Global campus of Kyung Hee University in Korea.

Some highlights of the center include:

  • The center*s investigators include computer engineers, biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, chemist, western medical doctors, and eastern medical doctors.
  • The center receives a funding of about 1 million dollars annually in total of about 8 million dollars for eight years.
  • The center*s research goals include bio-MEMS and smart sensor technology in Research Core I, proactive computing technology in Research Core II and smart object and u-lifecare platform technology in Research Core III.
  • The center aims to bring future technology to lifecare (which includes healthcare) for smart home, smart office, smart hospital, smart car, and smart environments, promoting better life of humans.

Working with u-LCRC

  • Corporations from various industries, government departments, and international universities have become partners in u-LCRC*s research and development projects. These partners include industries such as Sam Sung Electronics, Intel, Korea, Korea Telecom, KETI, ISU, Wiz, and universities in Japan, USA, China, Canada, and other countries. u-LCRC promotes commercialization of research outcomes and international collaboration to spread lifecare technologies to every human in the world.

  • Also as a research center at university, u-LCRC provides training programs to undergraduate, graduate, post-doctorates, and international scholars in our u-lifecare technology. Any participant to our program is welcome to our center with his or her purpose of getting trainings or pursuing higher degrees in master*s and Ph.D.
[Research Overview]


Worldwide healthcare crisis is soon to be realized since there will be more seniors on the planet than ever before in human history. Everyday about 6,000 people celebrate their 65th birthday and throughout the world, there are more than 600 million people over age of 60. We must figure out how to deliver better lifecare to ourselves. The mission of u-LCRC is to create ubiquitous technology for human lifecare such that humans take care of themselves and their loved ones more proactively.

The mission of u-LCRC is to

  • Create technology to make people more proactive about their own health and wellness needs.
  • Engage in collaborative research and provide collaborative support to investigators in the areas of lifecare and healthcare.
  • Provide education to students, researchers, and collaborators in u-lifecare.
  • Train faculty, post-doctoral scientists, and graduate students for cutting-edge knowledge and research methods.
  • Promote u-lifecare technology and service to home, hospital, etc., creating smart living environment.
  • Create uLCRC consortium with international and domestic collaborators and research institutes.
  • Get involved with technology standardization.
[Contact Info]

The u-LCRC is located on the fourth floor of the International Management bldg. on Kyung Hee University(Global Campus) in Yongin, Republic of Korea.

Staff Ms. Mijin Byun
Address Room 407, International Management Bldg., Kyung Hee University
1 Seocheon, Giheung, Yongin, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea 442-701
Tel +82-31-201-3712
Fax +82-31-203-4677